Corn tortillas

Corn tortillas - Welcome to your best information source on tortillas.
Making tortillas runs in my family, when I was as early as 3 years old i can remember helping my grandma make tortillas by hand using maize. Tortillas are a staple of the mexican diet, but they are eaten and enjoyed all around the world. Tortillas are one of the best side dishes available because it goes great with almost everything. Its a fact that you can add a tortilla to almost any dish and make a taco out of it. Their are so many things you can do with a tortilla and its great. One of my favorite things to make are quesadillas which is two tortillas with melted cheese in the middle you can also add other toppings like steak meat, chicken, vegetables, salsa, etc its so good! Im going to be posting weekly with all the great things you can make with tortillas. Readers Stay tuned!

Corn tortillas


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